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36 STCW Courses


ACAT – Annual Competency Assurance Training

£200 Per Year, Per Hull

Unlimited Officers/Crew
31 ECDIS ACATS Available

Sold Over 30 Simulators

To Maritime Colleges & Shipping Companies
Across 7 Countries on 3 Continents

Simple, Quick, Affordable ENC Distribution

Global ENC Coverage
More than 11,700
ENC’s to Buy

339,559 FREE Regs

36,801 Users
New Updates Weekly

MCA Approved Courses

Connect With Over 35
Crewing Managers

Used by 126 Nations…

Used by 126 Nations…
7,264 Users
Qualified Military Experts

Facility Hire

Boardrooms, Classrooms, Simulation Suites, Training Suites, Team Building Days, Corporate Events …All Under One Roof

Publications & Clothing

SMS Production
All Type Specific ECDIS Check Off Cards

38 ECDIS Systems

Train the Trainer Packages, Become an Approved ECDIS Type Specific Training Provider


Primary Means of Navigation (PMN) Implimentation, ECDIS Support, Crew Continuous Professional Development (CPD), SMS Guidance, Training Centre Best Practice

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